Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sweating It Out

The pianists at the Cliburn have been complaining that the lights are too hot, but they're not sweating as much as I am this sultry afternoon. Pardon my appearance, but I'm driving an old car with a broken A/C unit that'll cost too much to replace. I was going to get a new car before the weather turned, but now I'm waiting for the auto-industry bailout plan to pass Congress. It's got a "cash for clunkers" program that'll give me an absurdly inflated trade-in value for my car. Before I was hot and stinky, but now I'm a smart consumer. This bailout may or may not be the best thing for the country, but it'll work out great for me. I wear my armpit stains as badges of honor! Okay, maybe not. But I'll still save a ton of money.

Meanwhile, I've been wondering: Does Takacs lead violinist Edward Dusinberre sweat at all? Violist Geraldine Walther and cellist Andras Fejer are wiping themselves off after each movement, and second violinist Karoly Schranz has a big cloth on the chinrest of his violin. Dusinberre (pronounced "dews in berry") is cool as the proverbial cucumber. What's his secret?

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