Sunday, May 24, 2009

Raindrop Prelude

It's starting to rain here on Day Three before we start the afternoon session. Hey, if you're going to be sitting in a concert hall all day, it should be a day like today. The month of May has been pretty mild so far.

There was some debate in the press room yesterday about Steve Cumming's little spiel last night about his radio station for the blind. Like I said, I think he gave out quite a bit of information that'll be helpful for blind listeners in the hall and viewers on the internet, as well as people who know them. In the wake of Nobuyuki Tsujii's performance, Cumming probably saw what our president would call a "teachable moment." Still, it didn't seem fair to Naomi Kudo, who had to play immediately after that. Hope it didn't adversely affect her performance, or the judges' perception of her.

A stray link: So-yeon Lee has a sister named Lee So-eun who's a pop star in South Korea. Our program says the two of them have performed together on occasion. As far as classical/pop musician siblings go, maybe they could match wits with North Texas' own Ben Loeb and Lisa Loeb.

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