Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Finalists Are Announced

The Tsujii Tsunami rolls on! The finalists are Evgeni Bozhanov, Son Yeol-eum, Nobuyuki Tsujii, Mariangela Vacatello, Di Wu, and Zhang Haochen. They voted for the blind guy. Call me dismayed but not surprised.

Not many surprises among the others. We did a straw poll of the critics in the press room, and just about everyone named Bozhanov, Son, Wu, and Zhang in their final six. After that, the vote fragmented.

I'm off to get some rest, though I'll probably have at least one more post between now and Wednesday, when the finals start.


  1. Frankly I think it's rather rude of you to make snarky comments about "voting for the blind guy". Many other critics had very positive things to say about his Hammierklavier and other recitals, and presumably the judges did as well. It's fine if you didn't, but that doesn't warrant this kind of insult towards some very accomplished jurors.

  2. I think you rea extremely rude. I have read all of your blogs and I wonder if you really know about pino music. My piano teaxhers and colleagues totally disagrees many of comments you put on this blog. Some of them are so absurd that I do not even know how you started this blog. We decided that we are not taking your comments seriously at all.I advise you stop making this absurd and ridiculour blog.

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  4. Although he wasn't in my top 6 choices, Tsujii had many excellent moments throughout his performances I found the adagio of the Hammerklavier in particular to be stunning.

    Reducing his advancement down to "they voted for the blind guy" feels like a simultaneous insult both to the jury and to Tsujii.