Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Han Yoon-jung

So far, every day I've found the second pianist in the afternoon sessions to have something on their fellow competitors. Today, that streak comes to an end. The South Korean pianist played the same Haydn Sonata in E-flat that Deljavan played earlier, and didn't have anything like the Italian's lucidity and pleasing tone. She finished with "El amor y la muerte" from Granados' Goyescas, and she didn't have any of the Spanish flavor or passion that Andrea Lam brought to her Granados selections. In between those came Chopin's Fantasy in F minor, in which she didn't suffer by comparison with anybody else, but her performance was boring in the slow, contemplative parts, only sparking to life in the loud, virtuoso passages. She played these with some skill and some fire. Still, sitting through this was like sitting through a movie with a couple of good action scenes, but dull everywhere else.

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